Rama School

Rama School in Ramat-Hasharon is a pull out enrichment program for gifted and talented children.
The school is supported and supervised jointly by the Division for Gifted and Talented Children in the Israel Ministry of Education and Ramat-Ha'sharon Municipality. It is part of a national program with 55 similar schools across Israel. All children in Israel are being screened for these programs at grades 2-3. Children who score at the top percentiles are being accepted for the different programs.
Rama's School principal is Odelia Kohn-Oppenheim.

At Rama School students from the Ramat-Hasharon area attend different enrichment courses once a week. They study a variety of courses in science, arts and humanities, designed to enrich their intellectual and emotional development. Taking part in such a program allows them to meet their pedagogical needs, while still taking part in the activities of their schools of origin, together with their peer group.

Rama school's staff is composed of specialists in their own disciplines. To name a few: a marine biologist, an architect, a professional chess player, an animation director, a NASA researcher and many more. Our teachers build their curriculum to meet the special pedagogical needs of gifted children.
They teach them to pursuit their interests, keep their curiosity and creativity alive and apply critical thinking. All of this is done while interacting and collaborating with other children who have similar abilities.
Rama school's programs are uniquely in-house designed, aiming to advance the children and foster their full potential. The programs promote research and self-study as a way of life.
We aim to maintain an open dialogue between the teachers and students, always looking for new paths of learning and discovery.
Rama School is part of the Ramat–Hasharon education system for over 20 years and
currently includes about 470 students from K to 9th grade in the various programs.


Gifted children programs are:             Talented children programs are:
Rama- 3ed-5th grade                              Ramon- K-2nd grade
Ram- 6th-9th grade                                Rom - 3ed-7th grade

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